The Silly

I have a strange enjoyment of all things silly. My Dad and his wife have found the most perfect, silly birthday cards for me. Got one last year, got one this year. They are so cool. Would you like to listen to them? (yep, they talk to you!)

Birthday 2009:

Birthday 2010:

I love Hoops and Yoyo. They be cool!
I wonder, does every one have some silliness they enjoy? Or do some just not enjoy silly as I do? What do you think? Yes, I know, its a silly question.
PS. I guess this somewhat depends on how you define “silly”. If I remember correct, the British use “silly” more in a crazy, stupid kind of way. There isn’t a complete lack of intelligence in my silliness, but more of an unreality, a play on words. I’m gonna have to think about what “silly” really is.


  1. I don't understand what they're saying very well, but they look like fun. :-)I certainly do enjoy silly things… like writing slightly silly blog posts. Or the funny parts of the book I'm reading now (I'm not going to elaborate, because all the fun would be surely lost in my attempts to translate).Or my favourite plushie, made by my aunt.

  2. IT Crowd, Dr. Who, X-files… all have a brand of silliness… absurdity… unreality. Its easy to offer examples of silliness, but to define it still eludes me even after a day of considering. Oh, well.

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