The first grandbaby

Just in case there is someone I haven’t told… that’d be any blog readers, I think…. my sister is pregnant with the first grandbaby for my side of the family (and her side of the family).

Just yesterday, it was determined that its a boy. So, no longer must we say, “our niece or nephew”, but can say “our nephew”

Isn’t he cute?

And here is the sweater I knit for him. He will get plenty more, along with blankets and all sorts of things I might make.



  1. Oooh!I can relate. My cousin's expecting twins. Admittedly, she already has a son (who's the first great-grandchild on my mom's side of the family, that is, the first great-grandchild for my garandma and grandpa) – but, well, it's still a new thing, especially because they're twins and they're going to be girls.And yes, he's cute. He's going to be even cuter, I'm sure.

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