Causes and Effects

Life got busy, and I got overwhelmed. It seems odd to look back and see where it all began. I decided I wanted to have more time for various things, so somethings needed to be cut back on. I decided to cut back on email… so I unsubscribed to lots of different things. was one of them. I didn’t realize how much those emails got me moving and keeping up with my hot spots as they did. Now, that might be a random coincidence, but since unsubscribing the hot spot on the dining room table, kitchen floor and living room coffee table grew to unprecedented sizes.
Rachael…. unsubscribing to flylady is not a good excuse for letting your house go crazy. Get back on it and take care of it.
Of course, maybe stuff starting going awry when I started blogging more? oooo, that’s scary.
To those who read this post, what gets you off track? What is your great distractor in life?


  1. I also unsubscribed to fly lady. Now I'm wondering where the huge cobwebs in the corners of the ceiling came from and how did I used to keep from getting them?

  2. Reading of all kinds is my distractor… This morning, I just started reading an interview I wanted to read and, of course, after I finished the interview I flipped through the magazine and read some five more articles there I had not planned to read. Huh.

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