More Power-outage anecdotes

Hubby reminded me of a few more funny anecdotes about the power-outage.

First, I must praise Hubby’s heroics in getting the rain barrel open even as the rain began to fall (it refilled completely!) He was on his way back to bed when the electricity went out. He is so brave!
Then, on Saturday, we had a piece of furniture delivered (a replacement for a defective piece). When the guys got here, and had the piece in the living room, one asked “Do you have lights in this room?” It was hard not to laugh, since there is a decent-sized light fixture in the middle of the ceiling. “Sorry, no electricity.” we responded, while stifling giggles. After a bit of discussion that it was the storm from the night before that knocked the electricity out, the guy comments “I wondered why my netflix kept coming in and out. It was very frustrating.”
It seems that Tayler-ville behind us is still electricity-less. The big flood lights aren’t on. I’m bummed that they are still without power, but we will enjoy a particularly dark night again tonight. We have slept so well the past 2 nights, with it being so dark.
And now…. I am off to that bed!

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