Crazy Travel

Am I crazy? Sometimes, I think I am…

I hopped on a plane last Friday, flew to Philadelphia, PA, spent Friday evening, all day Saturday and a tad bit Sunday morning with a good, good friend who I haven’t seen in years (her bridal shower was Saturday afternoon), and flew home Sunday morning. Quite a whirlwind weekend, at least for me. I’m not a traveler, really. I’m a homebody. So this shows you how special this gal is to me.
It was a good weekend. I had a good time (Chinese foot massage, oh yeah!), met some some new friends (nod to you if you found me!) and had some good food (True Chinese food, yes, note the capital letters). I’ll see about getting some pictures from those who had cameras and will post a few.
When I got home Sunday afternoon, my garden was amazing! It rained here all day Saturday, and I could tell. The potatoes are HUGE, and everything has grown like crazy. I haven’t seen the school garden in almost a week, I wonder what it look like? Probably like a jungle!

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