The Austin Funky Chicken Coop Tour…

…was yesterday. I drove down to Austin, picked up the sister, and we went for it. I planned a route that took us to the farthest out spot and worked our way back in. Had I planned the route working our way out, we might have seen more coops, but 7 out of 17 isn’t too bad. And we both registered for the giveaway prize: a mobile chicken coop. Should either of us win, not sure what we would do with it; I imagine I can find someone who could use it. No probably not me, we just aren’t in a place in life that we could take on caring for chickens, not matter the joy of a fresh egg each day and the entertainment chickens provide. For now, I will only dream.

On the drive down, the bluebonnets were amazing! Lots of folks stopped along the side of one small highway taking pictures with tripods set up, and babies crawling in the bluebonnets.
In general, there were some fancy coops, some simple coops, and all were impressive. I saw a house I really liked (next door to the house with the coop) and plenty of nice looking gardens. Chickens were fun to watch as they wallowed in the dust (is that like taking a bath for them?). There were plenty of impressive gardens also. I tried to focus on the coops, but was hard to not examine all the veggies growing nearby. :::sigh:::
Pictures can be seen at:
(please note that I was not the one who took the pictures, I am only the benefactor of my sister’s camera)

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  1. It looks like you and your sister visited some coops that we didn't make it to, so I'm glad for the pictures of what we missed. I so look forward to having our own chicken coop.

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