Crazy times and impulsive buys

Well, I did it. I made a fairly impulsive purchase. This isn’t normal for me, so its worth telling you about.

Last night was the school Gala. Its a large fundraising event; we had dinner at a fancy ballroom, and there was a silent and verbal auction. It was a ton of fun. I sat with some good friends, had good conversation, the food was good. And I bid (silent auction) for sugar glider, and won it.

What, might you ask, is a sugar glider? This is a sugar glider….
He is a small nocturnal marsupial native to Australia and Indonesia.

This is not the little guy we now own (or own part of, two others chipped in some so we could win the auction), but one like him. He comes with cage and lots of accessories. I’ll call about picking him up later today. My thought is that he can spend lots of time at school, and only weekends and holidays at the house. I suspect I can find others to take him for extended holidays. I wonder what Hank will think of him?

The sugar glider was one of the cheapest auction items. A handmade quilt by grammar 5 students and teachers (I did a square, too) sold for $450. A picnic table painted by one of the kindergarten classes went for $750. Those were both verbal auctions, which were fun to observe. First time I’ve attended such an auction. Bummer is I left the pad of paper I took notes on there… which means its lost for good. Drat, drat, drat. Oh, well, I’ll survive.

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