Warm day, cold day, warm day, cold day…..

Well, spring has come…. and its not pretty. No, I take that back, its looking good, but the weather is driving me nuts!

I got my little baby tomato seedlings and pepper seedlings in the ground mid-last week. They were doing so well! (still are as far as I can tell) Then it starts raining this morning. About 630 am, I wake to rain smacking the bedroom windows, and I think, “oh, my poor, poor plants! And the lid is on the rain barrel. drat.”
When I got up around 8 (yes, we slept in big time today), I took the lid off the rain barrel, looked at the rain gauge (1″), and hoped the seedlings are all still good. From the dining room window, they look okay. But tonights low is 33′! Today’s high is all of 45′ (after a week of highs in the 70’s). Should I use the 2 liter bottles to cover them tonight (bottoms cut off)? Should I use the tarp the in-laws left for me? I’ll have to move the contain tomatoes in, for sure.
Now, at 915 am, rain gauge is reading 1.5″. No gardening today :(. But the rain barrel is filling nicely.
In other news, I finished my first knitting project. See http://thecreativestreak.blogspot.com for a picture. Next I’m going to knit a cowl, the Darkside Cowl. Should be fun, it will be the first time I follow a real pattern in either knitting or crochet.

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