The Beginning of Spring Break

I guess today is the first day of spring break. What will I do with all this time?

Two things I must talk about today… First, I must brag on some of my students; recently they performed “The Pirates of Penzance”. I was sick and unable to attend the performance, so I’ve been doomed to seek out a recording to see it. A parent posted it on youtube, in 7 parts, and I’ve watched 5 of the 7 so far… and I am impressed. I am not a theater critic, but I can see the hard work they put into preparing for the performance. They say their lines with confidence and know how to pause for laughter. Their singing is pleasurable to listen to, and their actions communicate familiarity with the story. Good job! (Unfortunately, a train goes by in scene 6.)
The second comment of the day is about the book my coworker lent to me: I’m Just Here For More Food. We had talked about cooking and cookbooks, and he brought this to school thinking I’d be interested. I’m halfway through the introduction and I’m hooked! I tend towards wanting to know HOW things work, not just knowing what to do, and this book is addressing those very ideas. Just in the introduction, the author has talked about how baking is different from cooking (precision), what is important in baking (the details), establishing criteria for good vs bad, and that his objective is for the reader to understand and learn (not just mimic). Hopefully, as I read further, I will be able to offer more of an informed opinion about the book, but so far (that would be page 10) I like it, quite a bit.

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