…it stopped raining long enough for me to do something in my garden. And the soil was still quite wet. I raked it a bit to break up some lumps, and got lettuce, carrots and onions planted. I’m rather frustrated, because even with all that I added to the soil, its still very clumpy and heavy with clay. Perhaps my expectations are wrong. Hopefully, as I plant stuff and it grows, the soil consistency will improve.

My grow light is doing wonders and I’ve got lots of little seedlings. I finally got a timer for the light, so its not up to me to remember to plug the light in or unplug it at night. More than once, we’ve been in bed, I say “what’s that light? Oh, its the grow light. I’ll be right back.” That’s a tad miserable, after you are all snug and warm in bed to get up into the cold. Here’s some of what I’ve got:
Uncle Chuck’s Beans – doing very well!

Marjoram, oregano, chives and thyme — though all the seedlings look alike, so I’m wondering if one set of seeds got washed into surrounding areas.

Can’t hardly see them, but Cherry Roma Tomatoes

Bell Peppers — wow are they doing well, and I got these seeds from all the bell pepper I purchased at the store to eat!

Garden Huckleberry – I’m excited about these berries. I hope for berry bushes some day, but these will do until then.

I’ve got Mexico Midget Tomatoes coming up in droves, as well as rooted Rosemary and one little Habanero Pepper. Those didn’t do so well, but I’m not sure why. Seems like I’m getting ever better at this, both blogging and gardening!


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