Change ideas of "food" – just takes time

When we were first married, hubby was happy with sandwiches every day for lunch, or mere corn dogs for dinner. Recently, I’ve noticed that when I say “sandwiches for lunch today”, he is disappointed and I hear hinds of a complaint. “What do you want?” I might ask. “I don’t know…. stew, leftovers?” he replies.

I finally asked him the other day, “why aren’t you happy with sandwiches and hotpockets any more? You always want leftovers now.” He replies, “Back then, I never realized that such culinary wonders were possible, so I settled for what I knew was possible.” Wow – warm fuzzies started growing in my chest.
I’m proud to say that my Beef and Barley Stew, Chicken and Dumplings, Jambalaya, Dal, and even my home-made pizza (and a number of other various home-made goodies) have convinced the hubby that the good stuff isn’t purchased in a store. I’m also encouraged, because all the other changes I hope to bring are possible!


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