Weather and such

Even after sitting all night, the snow remained.
It was almost a winter-wonderland out there. Brisk and chilly, just breezy enough to send a shiver down your spine.
Now, at 4 pm, most of the snow is gone, but not all of it. If it freezes tonight, the local streets will be icy and scary in the morning. I’m planning on venturing out with a friend to get some grass-fed beef, perhaps some raw milk and free-range eggs. I finally got all my receipts into the spreadsheet, so I know where I’m at for the month money wise. I really hoping that my gardening will lower my food budget enough so I can afford more grass-fed beef and raw milk kinds of things. Maybe my perpetually runny nose will stop if I eat more “natural”. That would be great — but no expectations, I’d hate to be disappointed.

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