Sunny Day — oh, joy

I finally get a sunny day and I’m too pooped to do anything.

I hosted a very fun slumber party last night with some girl friends while the hubbies are gone to a philosophy conference. We were up till 2 am watching a few fun TV shows and having significant conversations. One poor gal was up to be at work at 7 am (I think she was a tad late — and it was my fault. I goofed with the alarm setting at 2 am the night before). And I was awake at 7 am… just awake. Finally, at 800, I decided to have some coffee. By 2 pm, I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open! I’ve napped for a bit, put on a movie, napped some more. But alas… nothing got done in the garden. Here’s to hoping tomorrow is a sunny day. says Monday will be rainy and cold again. I keep wondering “when will winter be over?” and have to remind myself that for many, winter ends in April and May. I only have to wait for March (or end of February). Can’t really complain too loud about that.

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