One down, one to go

I got one of two beds dug up.
I took boards from the compose pile (why does that need tall sides?) and lined the two beds with them. I was quite happy to get to use the mider saw my in-laws purchased for me (thank you!) — see the short-ends of the beds.
I dug up one of the beds (the farther back, 4′ x 8′), bowered sand from the side yard (replaced holes with the heavy clay from the now dug up veggy bed), and piled on the compose, then turned and turned it. Its nice and fluffy now. I layered newspaper over the top to keep stuff from growing for now, till I get my seeds started.

Last week, I started some seeds in newspaper pots. They are outside for now, as the weather is so nice. The bottom row is “Uncle Chuck’s Beans”, given to me by Uncle Chuck. The top two rows are bell peppers. I can’t find my Habenero, or Serrano seeds, which is very disappointing. I saved them and moved them all the way from LA, special to plant here to have those peppers. Oh, well, perhaps I can get some more.

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