yards and gardens

We are nicely settled into the new house, which is a most wonderful thing. Life has started back up, and we are quite busy. Now, the yard calls. With all the rain this last week, the yard has blossomed with the wide variety of plants that inhabit the area. Unfortunately, most are not “grass” persay, but weeds. On Saturday, we pulled about 10 kitchen-trash-bag-sized bags of one particular weed, which was very easy to pull. Luckily, there were small patches of grass in the midst of this weed (I have no idea what is was), so hopefully the grass will fill in the now bare spots. There are masses of other weeds to be pulled, but that will come along slowly, in 15 mins-every-few-days sized chunks.

I’ve also got plans for a garden plot. Nothing too very big and its a bit late for some of the fall crops, but I should still be able to get some spinach, lettuce and peppers and garlic in the ground for next spring.

These are truely exciting times!


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