“My”, no, “Somebody else’s Green Hand”

It’s green.
It’s wrinkly.
It’s almost ugly.
But think of the places this hand could have gone: Europe, Asia, South America, the moon.
Think of the places it one day may go: Mars or universes away.
Someday this hand could save a life, or bring a life into this world. This hand may be the one to shake the hand of another or sign a paper for a peace agreement. OR this hand could kill, hurt, declare war. Each pair of hands in this world has a choice… good or bad… right or wrong… which will your hands choose?

Think about it.

You must choose one. By not choosing, your choice will be made; will your hands help or hender, love or hate? Each pair of hands will do one or the other. By doing nothing, no good is done, and if its not good… it’s bad. Passive hands do nothing, thus resulting in wrong. Will your hands be passive and let wrong continue? OR will your hands be active and stop the hurt and pain in this world. Do not allow your hands to become passive, but active. Let your hand become the hand to stop a war, to help the hurt. You must choose what your hand will become.

-Rachael Anconetani, Sr. ’95


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