Wow, its been ages since I’ve posted anything here.

I was sorting some old papers this evening and found a few poems I wrote while in Jr. High and High School. I thought I’d like to have them some place more “permanent”, so I’ll type and post them here. I’ll post one or two a day, at least every few days.

First up is a Valentines card I wrote, but apparently never gave. Or I gave copies… the card is on green paper. The paper does have edges that say it was tracker feed paper. If you don’t know what that is, that’s what printers used before ink jet printers were invented. The pages were attached to each other, end to end, and there were skinny strips on each side with regular holes that the printer could grab to pull the paper through. The pages and the edges were perforated to come apart easily. Here’s the poem:

Dear Love,

My heart beats for you,
You are my life.

I see only you,
Among the many others.

I hear only your voice,
Among the many I hear.

Please be my one and only,
My Valentine.

Your True One

My hubby commented: that’s way too much commitment for a high schooler. I must agree.


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