Apartment living can really stink

Only sometimes, though.

The pool and hot tub are really nice, and we have a very nice mainteince man, who is quick about fixing things.

However, we recently acquired a downstairs neighbor who loves LOUD music. And, unfortunately, his/her music choice is not what we would chose. Whoever it is, they like particularly crappy music, and they like it loud. So loud that my chair will vibrate sometimes, and I can hear the words via the wall heater. And its constant, from when I get home after lunch till bedtime.

Generally, I’m all for background noise. TV, radio, book on CD… any of these are nice… sometimes. But when it is constant and I can’t turn it off, I find myself most passive aggressive. I want to stomp around, drop large books, scrap the chairs across the floor. Maybe I’ll get up and vacuum at 2 am tonight, just to annoy the neighbor. Maybe tonight, after 10 pm, I’ll get up, and purposely pick up the sofa from one end just to drop it. I hope that some of the bumps on the ceiling fall off and hit the dude in the eyes and mouth. Maybe I’ll be sure to drop something heavy in the bedroom in the morning, to startle the dude from sleep.

Yes, I know that none of that will effectively communicate that I want the music turned down. But what will? I’ve complained to the office once. We called security on them one night when the music was loud after 10 pm. Maybe a nasty note on the door…. or maybe I’ll just complain to the office again.


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