Job Hunting

I highly dislike job hunting. I think its all the waiting and ambiguity involved in it; you spend all that time writing a resume, editing it, submitting it, and then you wait. And wait. Company contacts you… perhaps you get an interview… and then you wait some more. I often wonder how many others are applying, how many others are getting interviews, what are my chances? So many questions that I can’t ask! It would be in very bad grace to ask in an interview “so, what are my chances? where do I line up to the other applicants? I’ve been offered another job, but I really want this one, should I hold out for it? Do I have a chance?”

My record so far is pretty good. I’ve applied for 6 jobs. I’ve gotten 3 interviews so far, and one job offer, which I turned down. I’m wondering if the job I *really* want might be too much for me, but I did get an interview for it. Do I hold out for it? What if I’m offered this other job that I interview for tomorrow? I don’t interview for the job I *really* want until next week… ARGH. Why is timing so skewed? ARGH.

I have picked up a “do-on-your-own-time” sort of job. I make baby blankets for a lady who sells them online. Or, at least, I will make them if she likes the two I’ve made as a trial run. I figure this is a good deal, as I can do it while at home, with my new husband, watching TV. And if its too much, its easy to quit. And I like to sew. What better deal is that, getting paid to do something I’d do anyways. Too bad I can’t do this for $30, 000 a year!

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